Take A Stroll Through Our Woods What Could Go Wrong?

  • Walk / Run For Nearly A Mile On A Professionally Designed Outdoor Haunt

    We are so excited for the 2020 season! Ghostly Grove has spared no expense making sure we continue to thrill our guests!

  • These Monsters are Restless

    Featuring some of the underworlds most disgusting abominations, preying on you as you descent into the wilderness. You can't see them, but I assure you they never stop watching you. There is nothing quite as terrifying as being inches away from a ghoul and not knowing they are there!

  • A tale of Revenge

    Everyone knows the story of Johnny Appleseed and how he was famous for planting apple trees across the eastern united states. but few know the story of Johnny's sister, Abigail.. | Click Below To Read More |

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Questions?GHOSTLY Grove

As we welcome you to one of the most unique haunting attractions in the United States we believe the following information will help maximize your haunting experience.

  • attire

    What should I wear?

    During peak hours expect a wait and depending on the weather this could be uncomfortable. Dress as you intend to spend a couple hours outside. You will also be navigating a trail through the woods, suitable footwear is also recommended.

  • touching

    Do the Monsters Touch Me?

    We are a NO touch haunt! No smoking, eating, drinking, running, touching of the props, mechanisms, scenes, or the actors! No video or flash photography is permitted inside the Ghostly Grove.

  • food


    We have partnered with several food trucks to provide food and drinks during business hours.

  • Ages

    Appropriate Ages?

    Ghostly Grove is an intense haunted attraction and is NOT recommended for children under the age of 12. Ghostly Grove does not offer refunds, so make sure your child is mature enough to handle the attraction.

  • Our Rules

    Our Rules

    We prohibit the entrance of any patron to the Ghostly Grove if under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and any such patron brought to the attention of GG will be immediately escorted from the Ghostly Grove. GG reserves the right to refuse admission or escort out any patron for violation of these rules.

  • Photos


    No video or flash photography is permitted inside the Ghostly Grove.

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2021 Season

TheTerror TeamSpotlight

  • “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth.”  Abigail Appleseed

  • “It doesn't matter who I use to be, what matters is what I have become”  Greg Grimm

  • “'Tis the night — the night of the graves delight and the warlocks are at their play; Ye think that without the wild winds shout, but no, it is they — it is they..”  Edward