Ghostly Grove, Inc. (“GG”) reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron to the premises (“Ghostly Grove”), at any time or for any reason in its sole discretion. Your ticket is a revocable license to enter the premises issued by GG and can be taken by GG with admission to the Ghostly Grove being refused. By purchasing or otherwise accepting a ticket (including accepting a ticket on behalf of a minor) to the Ghostly Grove, each patron knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers associated with entry into the Ghostly Grove including exposure to such items as are listed below, and agrees to release GG, its officers, directors, shareholders, staff, landlord, agents, and affiliates from any claims, loss, liability, harm, injury, death, damage to property or loss or theft thereof, and any other cost or expense that may arise directly or indirectly from entering the Ghostly Grove.

You may experience the following in the Ghostly Grove:

Audio and visual disturbances, special effects, moving props, strobe lights, fog, bright lights, loud noises, black lights, damp or wet conditions, lasers, low visibility, flashing lights, uneven ground, animatronics, and close proximity to sudden movements by our actors.


Rules in the Ghostly Grove:

We are a NO touch haunt! No smoking, eating, drinking, running, touching of the props, mechanisms, scenes, or the actors! No video or flash photography is permitted inside the Ghostly Grove. Appropriate attire for the weather and conditions within the Ghostly Grove is also required, and masks or props are strictly prohibited. GG also prohibits the entrance of any patron to the Ghostly Grove if under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and any such patron brought to the attention of GG will be immediately escorted from the Ghostly Grove. GG reserves the right to refuse admission or escort out any patron for violation of these rules.

GG does not suggest participation in the Ghostly Grove if:

Under the age of 12, pregnant, if you have or are prone to seizures, have heart, back, respiratory, or other medical physical or mental conditions, severe allergies, or have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

GG retains the right to:

 Use all photographic and video images captured on the Ghostly Grove, including use of your likeness, for public, private, advertising, promotional, and marketing usage.

Purchase of your ticket or otherwise accepting a ticket on behalf of another (including a minor) to the Ghostly Grove is your voluntary agreement to the foregoing terms and conditions of usage, and to the assumption of all risks and dangers associated with your entry into the Ghostly Grove and exposure to items such as listed above, and the risk associated with entry into any haunted attraction.